What to Buy at the Mall with 100 Dollars

What to Buy at the Mall with 100 Dollars

Shopping at your local mall is a pastime that never gets old. Navigating the various stores will always be fun, no matter who you venture out with. Plus, modern malls have a bunch of other attractions too, which can encourage even more people to visit. Your dollars are sure to be spent satisfactorily.

It may be a little more tempting to splurge for those on a budget. However, this is an opportunity to spend on the things that bring you the most joy. You may even find the best purchases under one hundred dollars in some cases. The Newmarket Shopping Mall has plenty of items you can buy with a low budget.

Here is a list of what to buy at the mall with 100 dollars:

Buy clothes with 100 dollars

Many of us may think that getting the latest in apparel is becoming a bit more pricey. While this is certainly the case for high-end fashion, other types of clothes could be dirt cheap. Moreover, you may even find yourself spending less than you’d expect. It is always recommended to look at the upper body clothes first.

Shirts, sweaters, tank tops, and jackets could be bought for around fifty to sixty dollars. You may snag a pair of great jeans for the lower body for about the same price. By the time you are finished, you can be going home with a brand new outfit with no impact on your wallet!

Buy food with 100 dollars

Sometimes, we all need a quick fix for our stomachs. Food courts are a staple of any shopping mall and can easily find. As soon as you locate the mall’s respective food court, you’ll see various potential eateries. Every visit, you can have a different bite to eat, from Thai to Greek selections.

The best part about this is that you won’t impact your one hundred dollar budget. Most meals will cost about twenty dollars maximum if you purchase a combo option. Or, the more gourmet restaurants will offer meals that are a bit more expensive. Whenever you feel hungry, head on to the food court while at the mall.

Buy movies with 100 dollars

Many shopping malls will have a movie theatre around the premises or nearby. This would be the perfect opportunity to head on inside, to catch the latest in entertainment. You do not have to worry about spending too much at the theatre. Most general tickets will only cost about fifteen dollars.

Of course, what makes the movie theatre experience are the snacks that you bring along with you. Popcorn and soda are a staple of that experience and may cost around ten dollars. You could also get larger meals, but they may go up in price depending on the dish. You can have a great time at your local cinema for about thirty dollars.

Buy tech products with 100 dollars

Purchasing devices at an electronics store in the mall may be off-putting to any individual. That is because the price of purchasing these products can be exorbitantly high. On the flip side, some of the best devices are cheap without sacrificing quality. For example, you may be looking for a smart thermometer, around seventy to eighty dollars.

Buy video games with 100 dollars

While video game prices have gone up in recent decades, they still round out to less than one hundred dollars. The latest consoles may have the highest prices, but smaller indie games could be less. Some of the best games are a fraction of the price of your standard release!

Buy dishware with 100 dollars

Having the right dishware is crucial whether you have friends over or cooking for a date. Plus, if you try to match a specific theme in your décor, you might have to shop around. Malls will always have a variety of dishware available, and they will probably have the same options you are looking for!

Buy gifts with 100 dollars

The mall will be in your corner whenever you make a last-minute shopping trip for that special someone. A shopping mall is the best place to visit for any type of present you are planning to purchase. Gift cards are a short walk away once inside and can be bought in specific denominations.

Buy fragrances with 100 dollars

Many shopping malls have larger department stores that sell your favourite aromas. Or, they may have smaller shops that sell a similar, yet unique, product line. Perfumes and colognes can be found in these areas and bought less than a hundred bucks. While you can smell like a million bucks, you don’t have to spend more than one hundred!