7 Creative Packaging Design Inspiration Ideas

7 Creative Packaging Design Inspiration Ideas

Do you want to make your packaging more memorable? Visual appeal draws customers in, and you can have an incredible product, but if your packaging is boring, you may not keep your customers’ interest.

It’s important to make a first impression, so why not add some flare to your packaging? Your imagination only limits packaging design. Look to successful brands to see what they are doing and then use that as a springboard for your creation.

Below are seven packaging design inspiration ideas for your business. Use these design inspirations for your product line and watch as your brand grows.

Idea #1: Custom Boxes

There are lots of items that use custom boxes for their packaging. They are sturdy and can be manufactured in almost any size, so you miss out on a marketing advantage if you are not customizing them.

Any box can be jazzed up with your logo and messaging to enhance it from a regular slotted carton to folded mailers. Market your company on everything you ship with colours and printing to make your brand stand out.

Idea #2: Packaging Patterns

How do you differentiate yourself with all the different types of packaging your competitors are using? Implement some patterns. Patterns are repetitive, decretive designs that draw the eye and send a message. Your potential customers are used to seeing their regular brands on the shelf, so you need to stand out and trigger emotion.

Stripes are bold while flowers are soft, and you want to tap into your customer’s feelings, so they are drawn to your items. A fancy pattern can also look like your products are gift-wrapped, and it tells the consumer that you cared enough to make the packing special.

Idea #3: Minimalistic Packaging

Sometimes, you can say more with strong colour and one word. Many products on the shelf overload you with information on the packaging, which can be too much. You want your customers to feel relaxed, so why not stick to a simple package?

You can just have your brand name on the front like perfume manufacturers or use your logo. If you have several SKUs, then put the company name with the product name under it. This type of design stands out among the busy packages on the shelf.

Idea #4: Provide an Experience

You can do a lot with packaging, and it will give your customers an interactive experience when opening up your product.

Why not have a box in a box set up where you open up the package to find another custom box inside? It is exciting and gives you additional real estate printed messaging on the inner box. Include an insert like a personal message or product information card to help inform your customer.

The best packaging design inspiration ideas revolve around making your brand more memorable. Coloured confetti and even a scoop of candy is pleasant surprise that will keep people coming back for more.

Idea #5: Add Humour to Packaging

If you don’t have one already, develop a cartoon character or humorous logo for your brand. Have them on all your packaging in different poses and even different colours. This is fun and keeps people interested. How about a funny joke or strange facts printed on the outdid of the package? You’d be surprised how people go for this and will even try to collect all the different ones to build a set.

They are also more likely to reuse your package if it is fun, and this way, your brand promotion will get extra mileage. Even a professional brand can benefit by keeping its packaging on the lighter side of life.

Idea #6: Use Texture

People use their senses to help with their purchasing, and it isn’t just how a package looks or smells. Give them a tactile experience when they interact with your packaging. You can use hard surfaces like metal or wood, which gives you a bold feel. The softer material is great, too, and you can even incorporate different textures to break up the package itself.

Consider texture inside your box too. Rigid cardboard can keep your items in place for handling and orients your products so the customer will see them upright when they open them. Gentle wrapping with the material is nice, or use butcher paper for a harder edge.

Idea #7: Offer a Sneak Peak

This is a great way for consumers to see exactly what they are getting. You can use a custom package design with a clear plastic window. This lets your customers look inside, so they get a preview of what is to come.

Sometimes, your expectations don’t match reality, but you take away the mystery with a window. They will also recognize the quality and size of the items, so there are no surprises when they get home.