Why Are Wooden Watches Trending

Why Are Wooden Watches Trending

Wooden watches have become quite popular in the watch market and more people are beginning to embrace and buy these watches instead of the metallic or plastic ones. In fact, the rapid advancements in craftsmanship have made it possible for people to see and do stuff with wood that virtually seemed impossible some 20 years back. It started with the wooden belts, then the wooden rings, and now finally comes the wooden watches. Chances are that it won’t stop there and people are even more eager to see what these craftsmen cook up this time around.

So, back to the wooden watches. These beauties have that natural feel and this beautiful aesthetic look to them that just pulls you in and make you want to have one for yourself. Many people are turning to be fanatics of these watches and sooner or later, they may even end up erasing the metal and or plastic watches from the market entirely from the fact that they are incredibly rare and very affordable as well.

Here are three reasons why you will see the wooden watches trending this 2018

  1. Uniquely handcrafted

All wooden watches have been handcrafted from start to finish and this alone is a clear sign of the level of time and resources put in each. And it is for this reason that you will never find one wooden watch which looks exactly the same as another. The handcrafting process is quite difficult and will most definitely never produce the same exact end results. And even if that was possible, then the part of the wood used to make the watches would differ which would still make the contrast between the two watches quite identifiable. So, you get the luxury of walking around with your one and only uniquely-made wooden watch.

You are getting something that someone took hours curving and shaping into a masterpiece just for you. You may think you watch and that of your friend’s look the same, but maybe it’s even the grain markings that are different or even a slight difference in the shading between the two watches. Your watch is yours, no one else’s.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Wood is an organic material and is biodegradable, which makes it a good renewable material. Wooden watches are made from reasonably resourced wood and are, or need to be, renewable. The future of this new accessory looks to be at an all-time high with the conversation and re-planting of trees currently at a record high. The main product of these watches, wood, and water, will be enough.

With more people now becoming more focused on the environment, you will realize that this is the right time for this industry to thrive and step into the spotlight.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to using metallic watches. In fact, some people usually get rashes or some ugly marks on their skins right where they tie their watches or any other metals. The reason is quite simple really, most people react to and are allergic to certain compounds of metals. You can kiss all that goodbye with wooden watches though, which are all natural and eco-friendly.

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