Some Windows 8 Updates Are Still Being Released

Some Windows 8 Updates Are Still Being Released

Canadian users of the Windows 8 operating system may still see sporadic updates issued by Microsoft in 2017. The Seattle tech giant has been resolute in its efforts to force Windows 7 and 8 users into upgrading to Windows 10 to take advantage of all the new features, but it seems as if there is still life left in these old operating systems.

In late 2016, users of computers powered by Windows 7 and 8 were surprised to see updates that they were not expecting due to Microsoft’s end-of-support announcement in January. To a certain extent, the OS developer is enacting the same policy applied to Windows XP users a few years ago; even after cutting out support to the legacy OS, more computers are running XP than Windows 8 these days.

Failed Windows Update Affects European Computers

Despite Microsoft’s end-of-life announcement, some updates and patches are still being released for Windows 7 and 8, many British customers of internet service providers BT and Plusnet found themselves being kicked off the network in early December 2016.

The problem was tracked down to an update rolled out for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The update somehow interfered with the DHCP system, which prevented DNS server settings from being downloaded from Plusnet and BT. Users could see this issue from their Network Settings menus; some were able to fix the issue by simply rebooting their routers while others were instructed by Plusnet to change their DNS and LAN IP settings to static.

The aforementioned issue was surprising for British users who have not yet transitioned to Windows 10; a couple of days later, however, other internet service providers in Europe reported similar issues. In Belgium, national provider Proximum reported that the DHCP problem affected many Windows 10 users, and once again a Windows Update appeared to be the issue.

A Grand Theft Auto Surprise

Video game enthusiasts who have Windows 8 custom rigs received an unexpected surprise from the developers of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA IV, a game that seemed to be stuck in Windows 7 machines, can now be reliably played on PCs running Windows 10, 8.1 and even Windows 8.

Although GTA IV was a best-selling title in Canada and around the world, its developers could not keep up with Microsoft’s tinkering of the Windows operating system between 2008 and 2015. Rockstar Games waited until Microsoft stabilized its OS release schedule to issue a patch that would bring the game to as many Windows PCs as possible. While GTA 5 is far more popular these days, some gamers still enjoy the online multiplayer experience of Liberty City.

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