6 Creative Arts and Crafts Gift Basket Ideas

6 Creative Arts and Crafts Gift Basket Ideas

The arts and crafts field is so wide for everyone to fit in, from children to adults and teenagers. Getting or designing an art and craft gift basket is probably one of the easiest yet most challenging tasks due to the concentration required on what the potential recipient loves.

Gifting anyone an arts and crafts gift is relatively easy as you only have to focus on their area of specialization and let go of all other options. Even better, most arts and crafts gifts are easy to DIY, depending on whom you want to gift and what you want to include.

Personalizing the items will make the gift baskets more unique to the recipients, having them wish to reciprocate the energy to other friends. You will no longer stress whenever you want to gift a friend with a special art and craft calling.

Here are six creative arts and crafts gift basket ideas:

Gift Basket Idea #1: Watercolour Pencil Set

Nothing beats the beauty that accompanies a watercolour pencil set gift basket, alongside the long-lasting pigments and binding agents. The set is even more classy when packed as a gift basket with other accompaniments.

An ideal watercolour pencil gift basket contains assorted pencils from different brands and various sizes and specialties, arranged in a stylish way that the recipient’s eyes cannot resist. Some brands also provide a durable package to hold the pencils for years.

You can blend the basket with sharpeners, drawing books, and a booklet offering various drawing tips to keep them going. Most importantly, the watercolour gift basket has no age restrictions as it can fit children undergoing art classes or adults pursuing art as a career or hobby.

Gift Basket Idea #2: Colouring Book

While art and craft aren’t all about drawing and colouring, that’s one of the most common fields worldwide and has plenty of gift ideas you can offer. For your drawing artist friend or colleague, a colouring book would be a perfect gift to enlighten their career path.

The basket contains a colouring book packed with fun images to re-draw and colour; some pictures also offer join-the-dots options to achieve specific colour patterns. Various accompaniments for the basket include watercolour pencils, drawing mats, a to-do list book for drawing artists, and more to do with the field.

Customizing the essentials with the recipient’s name or nickname will leave a long-lasting impression and happiness.

Gift Basket Idea #3: The Baker’s Choice

This arts and crafts gift basket ideas blog couldn’t forget about your dedicated baker friend who has been smiling at everyone with yummy cakes, cookies, and snacks. After years of enjoying their delicacies, it’s time you get them a gift basket that will have them motivated to do more and better.

The basket contains various baking necessities, from treat cups, spoons, fancy measuring cups and spoons, cupcake liners, glitter brushes, wood-handled whisks, and cookie cutters. Experts have proven an addition of a recipe book containing some classy recipes you might not have seen them try before to be more effective.

You can take it a step higher with a modernized ingredients mixer, high-quality oven, or rotating storage baskets to keep their bakery organized and appealing. Having the items engraved with the recipient’s favourite snack, nickname, or brand name will have them feel appreciated and re-energized.

Gift Basket Idea #4: Wearable Gifts

Art and craft are all about using what’s around you to create the best gift baskets. There are plenty of hand-made wearables you can get your artistic friend to show how thoughtful you are towards their career or hobby.

It’s even more effective when the items are presented in a gift basket, running from t-shirts, jewelry, bags, shoes, and anything else that crosses your mind. An apron customized with the recipient’s favourite art and craft task, for instance, ‘Jane the best baker in the hood,’ will have them holding back tears of joy.

Gift Basket Idea #5: Gift Cards and Vouchers

You don’t always have to make or buy the gift yourself, as choosing what one loves, needs, or prefers can be challenging. In such a case, a gift card or voucher basket is the best option for the former and offers an opportunity for the potential recipients to visit and shop from their most cherished arts and crafts store with a fully paid voucher.

Some gift cards also have shipping options for those whose dream shop is miles away from their country. Others offer an opportunity for fully paid arts and crafts classes, competitions, or sessions that leave a memorable mark in the recipient’s hearts.

Gift Basket Idea #6: Sewing Gifts

Arts and crafts gift baskets got a piece for every needlework. The sewing gift basket is the perfect idea for this genre, thanks to the plenty of sewing necessities. From embroidery hoops, a set of bobbins, assorted yards of threads, tapes, and new pedals- enough is an understatement regarding the sewing gift basket.

Additionally, a surprise with their dream sewing machine brand or design would be a perfect gift to remember. More fashionable sewing gift baskets contain various storage containers labelled and designed to fit specific sewing accessories to the recipient’s satisfaction.

You can also be unique with a fully paid card for your machine maintenance sessions or a repair for their broken down machine(s) that they nearly forgot.