POP Displays – Recognizing Their Effectiveness and Unlocking New Possibilities

POP Displays – Recognizing Their Effectiveness and Unlocking New Possibilities

Next to every supermarket conveyor belt, you will spot the ingenious and infallible POP display. For years, this simple invention managed to pull a few more dollars out of consumers. In fact, the term impulse buyer actually describes the shopper who makes the extra unplanned purchase. Most of the time, the item is a small consumable such as a piece of gum or candy bar. POP displays are ideal for food products, but many manufacturers are using them to sell any portable and compact item. Since the display setup is usually in an ideal spot, most companies will utilize this platform to introduce new products.

The Impactful Countertop Display

POP displays come in a variety of sizes and designs, and they are all effective in their own special way. However, the countertop display seems to be a winner for every well-known and unknown product in the marketplace. Even if the product is bad, it will still sell pretty well if the display is sitting fairly close to the register. No consumer can resist the temptation of trying a new product, especially if it is cheap and packaged nicely. With a colorful display and a reasonable price, a manufacturer can sell just about any product from a store countertop. This is usually a testing spot in most general merchandise stores, but it’s a great promotional opportunity for a budding company.

Current Display Patents

The success of POP displays caused a slight stir in the world of retail marketing and merchandising. Apparently, there are POP patents on the technology used to enhance and improve the effectiveness of these displays. Whoever holds these patents holds the key that will unlock the endless possibilities and solutions for the future. With every new advancement, there is growth and positive change across the board in the retail industry. The patent holder has the right and permission to introduce new formulas that will improve the promotional aspects for every product. Merchandisers are usually very happy with their sales whenever an impactful new design emerges.

The Right Patent Owner for the Industry

At the moment, Shelfbucks owns 24 essential patents for point of purchase displays. These patents seem to be in the right hands since Shelfbucks is currently the leading display organizer in the industry. Their familiarity with product presentation and marketing allows them to come up with new ideas quickly. They are not a holding company or a group of large investors who are using the patents as bargaining chips. They want to make the necessary improvements so the retail world can see an increase in gross sales. Their passion and desire moves the industry forward so each retailer can build a successful business on a solid foundation.

Eventually, we will start to notice digital modifications and improvements on POP displays. The industry will need to move in this direction so they can appeal to Millennials in this computer-driven world.

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