10 Creative Ways on How to Get Investors for a Business

10 Creative Ways on How to Get Investors for a Business

To get investors interested in your business is a necessity for many companies as they seek to launch themselves to the next stage of their development. From a brand’s perspective, the responsibility is on them to craft a package that is exciting and attractive to investors.

There are many potential business investment opportunities to make money with your business, but you need to be proactive. The businesses who attract the most and best investors do so by demonstrating growth and growth comes from the pursuit of opportunity. You’ve got to be aggressive in chasing opportunity so that an investor feels like they’re contributing to a plan already in motion as opposed to investing in a brand that only has hopes.

For entrepreneurs and growing small businesses, here is how to get investors for a business:

1. Be Transparent with Your Business

Being transparent to the investors is one of the best tips on how to get investors for a business. Don’t hide anything. You will ruin the relationship and can lose the investment by trying to hide something that’s gone wrong with your business or trying to mislead with numbers.

They have to see the good and the bad, and there’s an art to when to present negatives. Do this and your investor will respect you, and you’ll be off on the right foot.

2. Visibility at Industry Events

Don’t be shy. Get out there. Get known. Visibility is a sure way to get attention on you, which is helpful in trying to sell an investor on your brand being active, successful, and on the rise.

Companies that haven’t yet sold anything are strongly recommended to attend some industry events and create that necessary buzz.

3. Craft Social Media Numbers

Social media matters. Ideally, yours will show growth, engagement, and a passionate base of customers. In a way, social media demonstrates the market for your brand or product.

It also makes it easier for you to sell through these platforms and signifies that you’re already doing marketing, promotions, and are putting in the work.

4. You Have to Demonstrate Business Results

To whomever you go to for investing, they’re going to want to see results. This is sales 101. Sell. Don’t go looking for investors until you’ve demonstrated very good results and have proof that people are interested in your brand.

If you can’t sell your products to your customers, the expectation is that you’re dead in the water and that wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

5. Don’t Give Away Too Much For Free

To the last point, we mean sell as in to customers for money and not giving away product. Entrepreneurs who just want to get their product out and in the hands of people can be a negative for investors.

In a way, this approach demonstrates nothing. You need to prove there’s an audience actually willing to put money down for what you’re selling.

6. Networking Connects You to New People

It’s never a bad thing to know too many people. Networking allows you to meet people and develop relationships without having to sell anyone on anything. Essentially, you’re just making friends and building your contact list.

Don’t sell directly to anyone. When it comes time for investors, put the word out among your contacts. You never know what connections you may have that could lead to a deal.

7. Crowdfunding Through Online Platforms

One area to search for investors is via the plethora of online fundraising platforms. Boasting accredited investors, there are peer-to-peer lending sites as well as the more casual, trendy crowdfunding portals that are donation-based or in trade for equity. Ideal for some, this is a strategy to raise money in a quick, PR-driven way.

8. Start a Blog And Update Regularly

Start a blog. It might seem silly. How does a blog connect with investors, anyway – well, here’s how. A blog updated once a month tells your brand’s story.

Use it as a way to show what your company’s been up to on any given month. Over time, a blog will show progression and the philosophy, values, and vision you have for your business.

9. Have a Response For Every Objection

List objections you know an investor will have for your brand. Why wouldn’t someone want to invest in your brand – know these. Have a response ready for each one.

Be ready to address concerns in an efficient manner without ignoring the content of the objection. This will demonstrate confidence, readiness, and self-awareness that will make you a more valuable partner.

10. Offer a Dividend

Investing is a long-term game. How to make your offer more attractive is to pay dividends. This way, an investor gets cash flow regularly rather than strictly equity. Some investors only invest in stocks and companies that provide dividends.

It’s a way to sweeten the deal and to present yourself as a way to generate an immediate return as opposed to having to wait months or sometimes longer to recoup what someone’s put in.