6 Creative Realtor Advertising Ideas for Beginners

6 Creative Realtor Advertising Ideas for Beginners

Running a business can be challenging work. No matter if you are at a C-suite level or are a small business owner, there are many aspects to do work. Marketing is one of those dynamics you will have to consider for the short and long term. Without the right amount of advertising, you can only go so far in terms of progress.

Advertising, in and of itself, can come about in various ways. There are several ways that you can implement a strategy into your business. However, you should always try to think outside the box, especially if you work in real estate.

Let’s get you started on the right marketing path. Here are six creative realtor advertising ideas for beginners:

Idea #1: Brainstorm

For starters, you should always consider doing an audit of how your operations currently stand. Advertising can be stagnant, especially if you have been doing the same thing for several years. You must consider which techniques you currently use and upgrade them if necessary.

Once you assess your operations, you should plan out your thought process on a document. Think about what you want to achieve in the next few months or even years! Your ambitions are your only limitation, and you can always step them up a few times. The more detailed you are in your plans, the better.

Idea #2: Use a Website

Having the right point of contact is essential when discussing real estate in today’s landscape. Without a website, prospective clients will simply be unable to reach you for further information. When it comes to having a digital presence, you have more than a few ways to go about the process.

You should always try to make the website as simple as possible. For website aspects like the landing page, ensure it is immediately eye-catching. Use real estate broker software to help you manage the website efficiently. This landing page will allow any visitors to immediately be captured by its design. Then, word of mouth will spread quickly regarding its intuitiveness.

Idea #3: Social Media

Marketing has fundamentally been transformed in the last decade through social media. Since there is a platform for virtually anyone, these have also affected business operations. Real estate has only recently taken advantage of this, too, with many agents using it to their advantage.

You can take your marketing efforts to the next level with the right creativity behind you. Start by curating the right amount of real estate content to create awareness. Always try to use current trends, such as short-form videos, to gain followers’ attention. That way, your channels will gain traffic rather quickly.

Idea #4: Virtual Staging

How an open house operates can make or break a client relationship. In today’s advertising landscape, you do not just want to operate like every other agent. Rather, you can step it up a notch through technology. If you have the means, virtual reality, or VR, can go a long way in being memorable.

Connecting your client to a home’s VR setup can be alluring. They will be able to see all the ins and outs of a potential property from the comfort of their own home! While this is still a pretty niche form of advertising, it has the means to explode in popularity. If you can, try it out a few times, and see how your clients respond to it.

Idea #5: Testimonials

Despite technology being the driving force behind modern forms of advertising, nothing beats a testimonial. You will have made a happy client with every successful deal you strike. This relationship can then be leveraged into future deals as well. They can effectively draw in potential clients to do business with you.

In addition, it has a snowball effect built in. Every time you make a deal, two more individuals may gain interest in working with you. It will be a consistent line of work, especially when it comes to building out your portfolio. Despite being a relatively traditional form of marketing, testimonials are a tried-and-true method.

Idea #6: Maintain a Presence

You can establish and conduct the best marketing techniques for the short and long term at some point. However, you will not have the reach you want without consistency. Ensure that you always take the initiative in remaining disciplined in your new strategies.

You can also contribute to building out your marketing through smaller actions. For example, write a few monthly blogs based on the latest real estate trends. It can make a huge difference in being noticed online. Sooner or later, your advertising efforts will be recognized by all!