Love Songs A-Z – Valentine’s Day Playlist

  • Mary
  • December 2, 2016
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Remember when I told you this blog was about to get ‘lovey-dovey’ in preparation for Valentine’s Day? Well, I wasn’t lying. Today on the blog, get yourself in Valentine’s-Day-Creative-Crafting-Mode with a playlist I’ve created just for you: Love Songs A-Z. That’s right, 26 love songs, one song for every letter of the alphabet!

Today I’m linking up with Melyssa (and friends!) for Creative Collective – based on the idea of community and creation. Melyssa has planned 23 creative activities for you to participate in in 2014 – just follow the prompts for that day. How awesome is that? Today’s prompt: Create a playlist of new music. I had already planned on including a few playlists on this blog to help get some of your creative juices flowing – but today’s prompt put me into high gear.

To me, love comes in many different forms. Some, love between partners. Some, heartache. Some, love between friends or parent-child love. The songs in this playlist convey all of the above. I hope you have as much fun listening as I did creating! Who doesn’t love love?!

You can listen to the playlist here: – I tried to put them in order my song, but Songza reordered them by artist, sorry!

What are some of YOUR favourite playlists? I’d love to hear them – link up in the comments below!


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