How to Improve Your Flexography Business with Flex Storage Solutions

How to Improve Your Flexography Business with Flex Storage Solutions

Flexography is a type of printing technology that allows users print over a broad variety of surfaces. From metallic planes, cellophane, plastic all the way to paper, there’s really not so many surfaces you can’t print on using flexography. To ensure a long-lasting functionality as well as efficiency, you need to have the best flex storage solutions at your disposal. The use of appropriate flex storage solutions such as flexcarts and flexstands is critical and cost effective for both long and short-term use. Flexible relief plates are among the tools used in flexographic printing and constitute a significant portion of the associated costs and should be properly stored to avoid damage.

Features of Modern Flex Storage Solutions

In mass production scale, flex storage solutions are customized to individual needs and vary from brand to brand. However, the largest sleeve storage racks tend to have a lot of similarities. In most cases, the storage racks are made of powder coated steel. The coating, besides protecting the steel from typical wear and tear damage that may occur during cleaning and treatment, it adds a beautiful finish to the rack. You can fit a lot of sleeves and plates in a small space without destroying the stand due to the strong nature of steel.

Safety is Key

The entire storage system should be well organized easy to use. As storage system that requires some level of technical know-how to operate will be too expensive to maintain and will consequently consume all the profits. One of the fundamental aspects of a flex storage solution is easy assembly and disassembly. Such a system will ensure the safety of the employees and minimize damage to the sleeves as it will keep them from falling to the ground.

The flex storage should be designed in a way that allows easy expansion in case the business grows instantaneously. Use high-quality material that reflects craftsmanship and ensures durability in the construction of flexcart and flexstand, preferably steel.

Mobile Flex Storage Solutions

For easier cleaning and better access, you can utilize mobile solutions. It provides mobility when moving to the designated washing area as well as other places during cleaning, treatment, and drying. Rollers and guides can be installed on flexcarts to foster smooth, frictionless movement within the facility.

If you need access to an entire batch, you can reduce overhead by transferring carts to the work area. Keep in mind that flexcarts and flexstands cannot be stacked in the same way. There might be differences in the amount of space you need to stack the same quantity of sleeves and plates. The use of Flex storage solutions will enhance productivity in your business by simplifying the process of movement, cleaning, and storage of flexographic plates. Visit the Flex Essentials website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

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