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  • December 2, 2016
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I spent a long time looking at different wedding planners, and while some of them were really nice, they weren’t really me. So I did what any other DIY-er would do, I made my own DIY Wedding Planner – and for under $10! 

It’s official, I’ve gone into complete and utter Monica Geller mode. (Remember the wedding binder?). Yup, I made one. It’s not fancy, it’s not frilly. But it’s me. I can add to/subtract from as I need to. I can make it my own. Not only that, but I’m a traditional girl. Online planners just don’t cut it for me. I like pens and paper. I like the feel of a binder. I like the feeling of being able to sit down with something and not in front of a computer. I am old school and I like it. So here’s what I did.

What I used:

  • A 1″ binder with folders on the inside back and front cover (I found mine with an awesome pattern at a drugstore!)
  • 4 packs of 8 tabbed dividers, Dollar Store
  • 30 sheet protectors, Dollar Store
  • Label maker
  • Thin sticky note tabs, Dollar Store
  • What I did:

    I spent some time looking at other wedding planners/online resources and decided on the ‘tabs’ I needed, which ended up as (in no particular order):

    • To-Do
    • Budget
    • Guests
    • Wedding Party
    • Venues
    • Attire
    • Makeup
    • Hair
    • Inspiration
    • Flowers
    • Decor
    • Ceremony
    • Reception
    • Food
    • Drink
    • Cake
    • Invites
    • Favours
    • Photography
    • Music
    • Hotel
    • Transportation
    • Guest List
    • Registry
    • Gifts
    • Timeline
    • Honeymoon
    • Contracts
    • Post-Wedding
    • Miscellaneous

    Once I had my tabs, I put my label maker to work and created labels, and then adhered them to the tabs.

  • I designed quick and dirty lined pages for each section, hole punched them and added them to each section.

    Then I went to good ol’ Pinterest and started reviewing all my wedding boards, copying pictures and adding them to a Word document, separated by section. I printed those and added them the sheet protectors and them slipped them into their proper tab in the binder.

  • And now, the fun begins! I get to fill the binder with some awesome ideas I have floating around – a lot of them, you guessed it, DIY! I am so in love with my DIY Wedding Planner – it really works for me. I hope you’ll find some inspiration here for YOUR own wedding!
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