Looking to make your own DIY wedding & bridal shower cards? Check out some of these card creations for inspiration!

I love making cards – they’re one of my favourite things to create! I especially love making wedding & bridal shower cards – I’m a romantic at heart, what can I say? I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite DIY wedding & bridal shower cards with you in hopes to inspire you for your next upcoming nuptial craft – let’s be honest, new year = whole new year of weddings!

The card above is one of my favourite cards that I’ve ever made – I love the antique black and white colours against the red. And the ‘Gone with the Wind-esque’ cut out was from  a 12×12 sheet of loose leaf scrapbooking paper that I bought at a small local scrapbooking shop. I used my Cricut to cut out the heart and filled it with small square punch outs of random antique style scrapbooking paper. I used a small heart shaped punch out (dollar store) for the heart ‘confetti’, and adorned it with random embellishments as well as the handstamped date of their wedding.

The card above was created for a friend to give to her best friend for her wedding. Her wedding was done in different shades of purple, so I thought I would capture that in the card. I mixed in some complimentary antique paper (I tend to use this kind of paper a lot – I love the way it looks in so many different crafts). I added in some embellishments and a scalloped edge overlay using a Martha Stewart trim punch as well as a stamp from Michaels (only $1.50! They are the BEST for small, cheap stamps, I have tons!)

I made the above card for a friend’s bridal shower last year using a bunch of random materials (you’ll notice the more paper crafts I post on the blog, the more random the materials get). That’s what happens when you accumulate so many crafting products over the years!) Have I mentioned that I also have $150 in Michaels gift cards that I got for Christmas that I haven’t spent yet?! I get giddy thinking about it – something only DIY-ers will understand. Other people will just think I’m crazy. Anyways, back to the card. I chose a dark blue for this one because I thought it would look good against the white wedding dress. I had these bridal dress cut outs that I bought from the dollar store, and I wrapped it in different layers of white ribbon to give it some depth. I painted a chipboard ‘S’ (for Stacey, the bride-to-be), and added a few small pinky rings that I never wore (see what I mean by random?) I had some blue roses that I also purchased from Michaels that I added in and tied up like a bouquet, as well as a few diamond embellishments from the dollar store. Never discount that dollar store – they have some of the best crafting supplies!

The other DIY bridal shower card was made for the bride of the first red wedding card. Again, I chose a dark colour so the white wedding dress would pop against it. I crafted my own half wedding dress with using white cardstock and added some lace, ribbon and other white embellishments to it. I dyed a tag black with an ink pad and added a Michaels stamp to it, as well as some ribbon.

TIP: When making cards and other paper craft creations, use small foam mounting dots to give some depth to your projects.

* parts of this post was previously posted on my old blog, my so-called {organized} life, but has been repurposed and remains the property of myself and Living YOUR Creative.

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