T-minus two weeks until Valentine’s Day! So in order to kick start the countdown I thought I would share some DIY Valentine’s Day cards that I’ve made in hopes to inspire you for YOUR own project!

Living YOUR Creative is about to get all ‘love-struck’ over the next few weeks with some new DIYs, printables, and of course, meal ideas for your valentine! First up on our countdown: DIY Valentine’s Day cards!

I chose to go with an antique look for the card above, using rich colours. I used a play on the lyrics from I think I Love You from David Cassidy (look at that hair – wow!) I love using song lyrics in my crafts by the way. I cut out different coloured squares with my square punch out. The heart was a cut out from my Cricut – which I flicked white paint on – with a toothbrush, another thing I love to do! – and outlined it in black ink. Outlining cards and objects with ink is key – it really helps to bring depth to your projects – just a little tip!

Like the first card, I chose dark, rich colours for the card above. I have an old paperback book of poems that I use for crafting – so I ripped out a love poem for this card. On the quote (which was a sticker) I added some layers of ink to it. Tim Holtz Distress Inks to be exact. To get that antiqued look I use ‘Tea Dye’ – sometimes layered with ‘Old Paper’ and ‘Antique Linen’. This card uses many random materials – book pages, quotes, stickers, embellishments, ribbon, oh, and part of an old necklace. Yup, random.

I took a different approach to the card above, taking a cut out heart from my Cricut and holding it down on black cardstock while I took a sponge with pink paint and dabbed all around the heart. I had a piece of coloured wire that I bent into the shape of a heart and used stickers to craft a message (they were actually from a Christmas sticker package – but who says you can’t use them for other purposes?!)

Enter my corny sense of humour in the card above. I had a 12×12″ sheet of scrapbooking paper that had a bunch of different Valentine’s Day puns on it, so, naturally I just cut them all out to use for many different crafts (yes, there are more). I ran with the pun and included some ‘thread and needles’. Simple, yet cute.

One thing I’ve noticed about the way I craft, especially when it comes to cards, is that there really is no rhyme or reason behind it. A lot of people sketch out their ideas, colours, materials, etc., but I am the complete opposite. One thing will spark an idea  -whether it’s a colour, material, quote, etc. – and I just create from there, testing how different things look together until I’m happy with it!

‘Owl’ always love you?! Come on – this one speaks for itself!!

What are some DIY Valentine’ Day cards YOU’ve made? I’d love to see them — link up in the comments below!

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