Reuse your Tetley tea containers and organize your tea cupboard with this easy DIY Tea Storage idea! 

My tea cupboard has always been a mess. I bought a container of Tetley tea one day and thought to myself, these containers would be perfect to reuse for tea storage! So I came up with a little plan.

What I used:

  • Black chalkboard paint, I used Krylon
  • Gold spray paint, I used Krylon Metallic
  • White china marker, from Staples 
  • What I did:

    As you can probably tell – the steps aren’t that hard to figure out. I spray painted the lids gold and the containers with the chalkboard paint – 2 coats each!

  • Then I used the white china marker (I didn’t have a chalkboard pen on hand) and labeled each container.
  • That’s it, that’s all. A no-fuss, no-muss DIY Tea Storage project! Simple, yet a great (and cute!) way to store your tea!

    What are some ways YOU organize your tea? I’d love to see your ideas – link them up in the comments below!

     * This post was not endorsed by Tetley tea in any way. All content and opinions are strictly my own.

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