Not quite sure what to do with all those pieces of sea glass you’ve collected over the years? Turn them into a DIY Sea Glass Necklace!

When Paul and I travelled to Nova Scotia last summer, we collected quite a bit of sea glass from the beaches we walked along. I have a few different ideas in mind for how to use the pieces, but first I wanted to use a few of them for a pretty necklace.

What I used:

  • Long silver chain
  • Crazy glue
  • Larger pieces of sea glass
  • Clasp and hook
  • What I did:

    First, wash off the pieces of sea glass to ensure they’re clear of any debris.

    Put a few drops of crazy glue on the back of the clasp and attach it to the sea glass. Repeat for multiple pieces of sea glass so you can switch up your look, depending on your outfit!

  • Add to your chain, and you’ve got yourself a simple, yet pretty piece of jewelry!
  • What are some of YOUR favourite DIY sea glass projects? Link them up in the comments below – I’d love to see them!

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