DIY Christmas Banner

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  • December 2, 2016
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Looking for a fun and crafty way to decorate your walls for the holidays? Make your own DIY Christmas banner!

I love Christmas – it is, hands down, my favourite holiday of the year. Every year I look to make my own holiday decor and last year I came up with this DIY Christmas banner. With the help of my Cricut, I crafted this cute and fun little ‘Noel’ banner.

What I used:

  • Holiday scrapbooking paper, 8×11, from Michaels
  • Cricut machine – using ‘Pretty Pennants‘, ‘Accent Essentials‘ and ‘Plantain Schoolbook’ cartridges
  • Different holiday-themed ribbon, from Michaels
  • Different holiday embellishments, from Michaels and the dollar store
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole Punch
  • 2 x 3M Command Adhesive Resuable Hooks, Medium, to hang


First, I tested different sizes for the banner itself. I wanted to add multiple layers for depth. The sizes I ended up using are listed below:

  • Largest scalloped banner – 10.5″ – Pretty Pennants
  • Second largest scalloped banner – 10″ – Pretty Pennants
  • Third largest banner cut out – 5.5″ –  Accent Essentials
  • Smallest banner cut out – 5″ – Accent Essentials
  • Letter (Noel) cut outs – 4.5″ – Plantain Schoolbook (all caps, regular)

I carefully centered each banner piece, adhering them with spray adhesive, doing the same with the letters. Then I just played around with different layouts for the ribbon and embellishments. There really was no rhyme or reason behind it, I just added things as I went that I thought looked good!

When I was done placing everything, I took a hole punch and punched holes in the top left and right sides of the banner, leaving a thick enough frame round the holes so that it would be supported when attached with ribbon. Then I wove a multi-coloured ribbon through the holes and left a loop at each end to hang the banner on hooks. I hung the Christmas banner using reusable non-stick hooks from 3M. These hooks are fantastic – easy to both apply and remove without damaging your walls and paint. They have smaller sizes too, which probably would have been better for the banner, but I had the medium size ones on hand, so I just used those.

I’m super happy with how my DIY Christmas banner turned out – and I’m getting LOTS of compliments on it!

Have you ever made a Christmas banner? I’d love to see YOURS! Just link up in the comments below!!

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