Want to make a card for an upcoming birthday? Check out these DIY birthday cards for a little inspiration!

I love love love making cards. And who doesn’t love a receiving a good home made card for their birthday? So, today I thought I would share some of the different birthday cards I’ve made over the years! The card above is just a simple card that you could make for anyone really. All you need is some scrapbook paper, a stamp (mine is from Michaels — only $1.50!), some ribbon, some washi tape and some embellishments!

The card above I made for a good friend of mine when her daughter turned one. I can’t say the idea for this card was mine (but of course I can’t remember where I found the idea!), but regardless, I love the way it turned out! Some fun and colourful scrapbooking paper, some jewel embellishments, a Cricut to help cut the number 1 and some ribbon, and you’ve got yourself the perfect card for a baby!

The card above is the perfect for any of the men in your lives – dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend, husband… I love the way different shades of blue look with a few pops of black and white. All you need is some scrapbooking paper, different coloured blue, black and white ribbon, a stamp (again, Michaels, $1.50!) and some black ink (for the stamp and to add to the background of the card!)

A friend of mine turned 30 not too long ago, and well, she was struggling with it. Somehow the idea of Samantha from Sex & the City came into mind (I’m fifty, and fabulous!), so I printed up a picture of her that I found on the internet and changed it up to ‘thirty and fabulous’ – on the inside of the card! All you need is some scrapbooking paper, a printed picture of Samantha, some zebra and tiger striped washi tape, some black ink, alphabet stamps and some jewelled embellishments to make this fabulous card!

I made this card for another friend of mine when he turned 30. His love for pirates and my love for puns came into play here. I used some orange scrapbooking paper with some brown ink to make it look vintage, a pirate eye patch, some black ink and alphabet stamps, a tag, some jewelled embellishments, a 1″ circle punch to cut out some ‘world’ scrapbooking paper and those things that you see that make up the ‘gold?’ Well those were pieces from earrings that I never wore.

The card above is another that would be perfect for anyone. All you need is some scrapbooking paper, a 1″ circle punch, some black ink, birthday stamps and some small raised foam stickies to raise the circles off the card a bit for a more ‘3D’ effect. Simple, but sweet.

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What are some of YOUR favourite birthday cards you’ve made? I’m always looking for inspiration – link them up in the comments below!

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