7 Unique Packaging Ideas for Business Brands

7 Unique Packaging Ideas for Business Brands

When you ready your products for sale, do you consider the packaging? For some businesses, it is just a vessel that holds their items during delivery and nothing more. A great package can help build your brand and get your message to the masses.

By being creative with your packaging and making it stand out, you have an opportunity to further engage with your customers and have a mobile billboard.

That all sounds great, but what can you do? Here are some unique packaging ideas to implement in your business.

Packaging Idea #1: Personalized Boxes

When boxing up your items, consider your packaging as an extension of the product. In this digital age, people post pictures of your packages all over social media, so they need to stand out and be branded when they do their reveal.

Use your company’s colours and messaging on the outside of the package so it is easily recognizable as your brand. If you have several lines, distinguish the design and make it look custom to the product. The more you personalize your packaging, the more you connect with the consumer.

Packaging Idea #2: Custom Inserts And Dividers

Opening your products should be an exciting experience. If you open the lid and everything has shifted around, all bunched up in a corner, it isn’t exciting anyone. It is much better to have some rigid inserts that will keep your items neatly divided and facing front so the consumer can see what they bought clearly.

This is just as important if you are shipping products around town or the world. If you can give your customers a pleasant package opening experience, they will return for that extra attention to detail.

Packaging Idea #3: Pouches

Pouches are versatile packaging that allows you to easily stand up your products, so they are great for store shelves. They can be customized with printing and colours, making them stand out above your competition.

Different designs can have a pour spout or a re-closable zipper, allowing you to keep things fresh inside. They are flexible and support different items like food, drinks, snacks and other smaller items.

Idea #4: Custom Tape

Custom tape is the answer if you need the sturdiness of a standard cardboard box but still want to make it your own.

Using custom tape allows you to dress the outside of the box with your colours, logo and any other printed graphics. You need to use a study packing tape anyway, so why not have it branded, so people see who you are before they open the box?

It takes working with an in-house designer and giving them some uploaded graphics to make it happen. Then you get to go to town, putting the tape on the package however you like.

Packaging Idea #5: Inside Printing

Who says all of your creative packaging ideas have to only go on the outside? You can carry on the messaging when someone opens your package and make your box’s interior look amazing.

Choose colours that fit your brand or the specific product itself and include some messaging or short product descriptions printed on the package. These extra touches go a long way and show that you care about giving your consumer a special box for their product, and it will leave a lasting impression.

Packaging Idea #6: Fabulous Packing Material

Another way to make your packaging stand out is with the packing material. This stuff protects your items and is quickly tossed aside when your customer opens the box. Why not highlight it, so they pay more attention?

You can get custom tissue with brand details or colourful packing chips that match the items. This is the perfect place to add some extras, too, because who doesn’t love surprises?

Give them some stickers with your logo or a small scoop of wrapped candy to search for in the box. You have outdone your competitors if you can make the packing material fun.

Packaging Idea #7: Cards & Notes

It is a great idea to include cards and notes inside your packages. This gives the customers more information about your company, and you can show them other products you sell.

A card insert can give a product description and even tell a quick story about your line, giving them a reason to buy more from you. A personalized thankyou note also goes a long way and shows that you are grateful for their business. While these may seem like little things to add inside your package, they will mean a lot to the consumer.

What’s inside a package are the items your customers purchased. How you package it will convince them to come back again. Use these unique packaging ideas to take your business to the next level and have fun with it. Your customers will notice the extra effort you put in, which will help your business grow.