Looking for the perfect DIY gift? Try these cute and easy to make DIY coasters!

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest you’ve no doubt seen pins on how to make your own coasters. So before (last) Christmas I decided to try and make my own and give them as gifts over the holidays. I headed over to Home Depot and bought 40 4×4 inch tiles (yes 40 – I may have gone a little overboard!)

What I used:

  • 4×4 inch tiles (they are super cheap at Home Depot and can be bought individually)
  • Scrapbooking paper (I bought mine at Michaels)
  • Modge Podge, matte
  • Foam brush
  • Acrylic sealer to make them waterproof, matte
  • Felt circles (used to put on the bottom of furniture to keep it from scratching the floor)

Day 1
Wipe down all tiles to ensure they’re nice and clean.

Cut out scrapbooking paper to 4×4 inch squares (or a 4 inch square if you have a Cricut).

Using the foam brush, spread a layer of Modge Podge on the tile and place a piece of scrapbooking paper on top.

Note: you only have a few seconds to adjust the paper on the tile – the Modge Podge bonds the paper to the tile pretty quickly.

Repeat for the rest of your tiles.

Using the foam brush, go over the top of each tile with the Modge Podge and cover evenly.

Let the tiles sit for a week. Yes, a whole week!

Day 8

In a well-ventilated area (I took mine outside), hold the spray about 6 inches away from the tiles and spray each tile thoroughly and evenly with the sealer.

Let tiles sit for a few days and spray with a second layer.

Let sit again for a few more days and spray a third layer (this really ensures they are waterproof).

Once dry add four small felt circles to the underside of each tile so they don’t scratch your table.

And there you go, your very own personalized, DIY coasters! (I even made Disney Princess ones for Paul’s young nieces!) Those who I gave them to as gifts absolutely loved them!

Have you ever made DIY coasters? I’d love to see YOUR projects – link up in the comments below!

* this post was previously posted on my old blog, my so-called {organized} life, but has been repurposed and remains the property of myself and Living YOUR Creative.


Organize your business cards with this colourful and cheap DIY Business Card Holder, inspired by I Heart Organizing!

Melyssa, who did an amazing job at designing my blog, has recently fully launched into her gig as a full-time graphic designer and blogger. So as a token of my appreciation for all of her hard work, I sent her a ‘small biz survival kit’, full of all things she’ll need as she starts off on this new journey of self-employment. Included in this kit was a DIY business card holder I made her so that she could organize all of her contacts – and I wanted to share that with you today!

What I used:

  • Small wooden box, from the dollar store
  • Purple paint
  • Washi tape
  • Sponge brush
  • White cardstock paper
  • Scrapbooking Paper, from Michaels
  • Alphabet stamp kit, from Michaels
  • Black ink
  • Scissors

The first step was to paint the box purple, both inside and out – it took a few coats. Then I started adding a few strips of washi tape for some pop – but I got a tad bit washi tape happy and ended up wrapping the entireoutside of the box in it. I kept the inside purple though!

Then I determined what kind of ‘categories’ I was going to include. Given that Melyssa has two businesses (soon to be THREE!), I split them up into the following categories: clients, sponsors, bloggers, potential clients, friends and miscellaneous. For the dividers I measured six pieces of white cardstock paper to fit the length (and height!) of the box, then layered different coloured scrapbooking paper over the cardstock, leaving a white strip at the top for labelling. Using my alphabet stamps and black ink, I labelled each divider, outlining each with the black ink.

Then, with my cheesy (yet adorable) sense of humor, I labelled the box ‘taking care of business’ …

… and if you didn’t quite get the ‘cheesy (yet adorable) sense of humour’ part – I then labelled the inside, ‘every day’. Still confused? This will help.

For those of you who continued to read this post after that embarrassing display of, well, me – thanks! Here’s what the dividers look like inside the box:

And there you have it folks, a DIY Business Card holder. Simple. Colourful. Corny.



Looking for a cheap and easy way to display your earrings? Create a DIY Earring Display for only $3.00!

I’d been looking for a quick way to display my earrings for a while when I came up with the idea for my own DIY earring display using only three cheap materials – all from the dollar store. Total cost? Around $3.00

What I used: 

  • 8×10 picture frame, glass removed
  • One placemat (perforated)
  • 1 sheet of foam
  • Removable mounting squares (that hold 1lb or more), for hanging
  • Instructions:

    First I popped the glass out of the frame and ripped the picture stand off of the back so that I would be able to hang it on the door in my linen closet. Then I trimmed a piece of foam padding to fit the size of the frame, doing the same with the placemat.

    I put the trimmed place mat into the (face down) frame, then added the trimmed foam on top. then I closed the frame up with the backing it came with. Using removable mounting squares, I hung it to the inside of my linen closet door (make sure they hold more than a pound for extra strength!)

    The earrings fit perfectly in the perforated placemat’s holes – and the foam sheet behind it adds extra hold for the earrings (they pierce right through the fabric). Voila – my own DIY earring display! Quick, simple, cheap – and a great way to display all of my earrings for easy access/outfit matching. I also added four bamboo hooks (also from the dollar store!) underneath the earring display to hang my necklaces and bracelets.

  • Have you made YOUR own DIY earring display? I’d love to see it! Link up in the comments below

    * this post was previously posted on my old blog, my so-called {organized} life, but has been repurposed and remains the property of myself and Living YOUR Creative.

DIY Newborn Scrapbook

Create your own DIY newborn scrapbook – the perfect keepsake for any new parents!

Look at that face – what a cutie! That’s Maxwell (love that name!) and he’s the adorable little in this scrapbook that I made for his parents, capturing the first few days of his precious life. I’ve always loved to scrapbook, that’s no secret. But scrapbooking with pictures of this little guy – melts my heart.

I LOVE making stuff for babies (okay, really for their parents) – and I really think this is a great gift – a keepsake to look back on their child’s first few days. I got the chipboard scrapbook at Michaels (it’s a small one) for only $1.50. I painted it in soft pastels and added different matching scrapbooking papers and embellishments.

His parents made this cute little announcement that I printed out and added to the book.

Well Maxwell, I must say, you made my job easy! The possibilities for this type of project are endless – and you will definitely see more of these types of project on this blog!

What are some of YOUR scrapbooks you’ve made for newborns/babies/kids (parents!)? I’d love to see them! Link up in the comments below!

DIY Chalkboard Mugs

Personalize your mornings with these simple DIY chalkboard mugs!

There are a lot of DIY mug ideas floating around on the Internet, and I’ve always loved the idea of DIY chalkboard mugs, so I decided to give it a whirl. Mixing a little creativity with your morning java? What a great idea!

What I used:

  • One or two porcelain mugs
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pebeo Porcelain 150 Chalkboard Paint
  • Sponge brushInstructions:

    Tape off the mugs around the centre or where you want the paint to start – just make sure you don’t paint where your lips touch (don’t forget to tape off the handle too!). I used masking tape, but the paint seeped through a bit, so I would definitely use painter’s tape the next time.

  • Paint one layer of chalkboard paint below the tape. Let dry and paint another layer (I needed two, you might only need one).
  • Let dry for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, peel the tape off and scrape off any excess paint. Place mug upside down on baking sheet and bake in oven at 350°C for 35 minutes. Once baked, turn off oven and let mug cool down in oven before removing. Take a piece of chalk and rub all over chalkboard paint to prep the surface. Rub off.
  • Make sure you wash completely before using. There you have it – your own DIY chalkboard mugs to personalize any way you like it! They would also make the perfect hostess gift, paired with some of your favourite teas!

DIY Baby Shower Invitations

A few weeks ago I shared my DIY baby book crate that I made for my friend’s shower, and today, in continuation of all things baby, I’m here to show you the invitations I made! Since the shower was a surprise, I made an extra one and gave it to the momma-to-be with her gifts! Also, less than a month until this little one makes her appearance! I’m so excited to be an aunt… well, sort of

What you’ll need:

  • 5″ square card stock cutouts  (I used my Cricut)
  • 4.5″ square invitation cutouts (with the main information on one of the cutouts, and the registry and RSVP information on another cutout) – leaving a strip in the middle for ribbon
  • Washi tape
  • Thin ribbon
  • Small stamp (I got mine from Michaels)
  • Ink
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Spray adhesiv
  • Step 1: Attach a piece of washi tape to each of the invitation cutouts, leaving a little extra at each end (these will fold over later)
  • Step 2: Using your glue gun, glue the ribbon on top of the washi tape, again leaving a little bit of extra at each end. Repeat for the back of the invitation.

    Step 3: Fold over the washi tape edges on to the back of the invitation and using your glue gun, glue the edges of the ribbon to the back.

    Step 4: Using a small stamp (I used a heart stamp), stamp a piece of card stock and cut out the shape, hot gluing it to the right side of the ribbon, on a slight angle.

  • Step 5: Using adhesive spray, adhere the invitation to the card stock cutouts, repeating for the back. Place the invitations under a heavy pile of books to ensure they dry flat.
  • And there you have it – cute and simple DIY baby shower invitations!
  • What are some of your favourite DIY baby shower creations? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to see them :) Like what you see? Check out my newly opened Etsy shop!


When I started thinking of activities and keepsakes for my friend’s baby shower, I knew I wanted to make a guest book, but something a little more personal. I found a few different ideas online, but decided on an ‘advice for the new mom’ book. I’m really happy with the way it turned out – and it’s something that she can keep for years to come.

First, I created the ‘Advice for the New Mommy’ pages, printed them and individually cut them out. I then decorated two 6 x 8″ chipboard pages with scrapbook paper and added embellishments. Using a hole punch, I punched holes in each of the chipboard pages and printouts, and just tied everything together with ribbon once everyone has signed the pages at the shower.

Side note: this was the first co-ed baby shower I had ever been to, and let’s just say this booklet turned out to be more hilarious than I thought it would be. Nothing like the mom-t0-be’s uncle giving her some ‘sound’ motherly advice!

You can download and print the Advice for the New Mom pages here.