4 Ways to Ensure Your Product Packaging Is Up To Standard

If you have ever done much reading on marketing and branding, you know that consumers are going to make decisions based on repeated interactions with a brand. That being said, you might not have stopped to think about how your packaging represents your brand. Your packaging supplies can reflect the colors of your brand (which you use on the website and in company logos, T-shirts, and publications) and the quality/level of service that you provide to customers. Packaging actually suggests much more about your company, and you cannot afford to leave these impressions to chance.

1. Say More With Excellent Packaging.

If you are going to invest in an internal or external packaging function, at least to ensure that customers take delivery of products packaged in a standardized way, then you want the best packaging. We are talking here more about consumer goods, which will come in specific sizes. You wouldn’t worry, for example, so much about the packaging of furniture as you would for retail clothing.

2. Provide for Safety of Packed Items.

While the packaging for items should be safe and protective of the items, it shouldn’t be so pretty or costly because it will just be discarded by the consumer, if not recycled. Work with a partner to get the company logo printed in attractive lettering even on large cartons. You may be able to gain additional insights at Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

3. Ensure Outsourced Workers Follow Product Packaging Guidelines.

Remember, standardizing the industrial packaging process may save time and allow you to better control your packing costs. However, the standardization of packaging processes only works if employees are following all of the procedures. It helps to create written procedures and organize them into illustrated job aids. Some companies even go so far as to create training videos and post them on their website for easy employee reference.

4. Purchase Only the Strength of Cardboard Boxes Needed for Each Product.

It’s also possible for you to spend too much on cardboard material to impress customers with your parcel packaging. Many responsible consumers will go to the effort to recycle the cardboard boxes, but others won’t. Research what strength and weight of cardboard will provide a secure container for each product. You don’t need to waste resources on packaging that is too heavy. At the same time, you don’t want to cut corners and buy cardboard boxes that are too light or flimsy. This will only lead to customer complaints and having to replace customer purchases at the company’s expense.

Consumers make decisions every day about your brand and the quality that goes into every process. This starts with when they go on the website to place an order and continues with taking delivery of packages. If you invest in reliable and safe packaging activities, you will rest assured that this logistics function is not hurting your brand.

4 Great Functions to Outsource to a Call Center

Answering phones, inbound and outbound call campaigns, and collections are all time consuming and expensive tasks most businesses must perform. The problem is they can monopolize staff time and distract employees from more profitable tasks. Businesses can save big money by outsourcing these responsibilities to professional call centres.

1. Answering Service

When simply taking a message and answering very limited questions are sufficient, an answering service is a good option in order to keep costs low while providing a professional company image. The worst thing for a small business is for customers to reach voicemail. The often don’t leave messages, which can cost a company vital sales revenues. When potential customers reach a live operator, they are more likely to give their information and view their request as having been placed in motion. Answering services are also great for businesses where customers call at odd hours on an emergency basis, such as plumbing contractors, apartment management companies, or medical offices. Find more online information and resources at the Extend Communications website.

2. Inbound Call Services

Some companies need more than a service to take a message. They need the operator to take orders or provide other services on behalf of the caller. Many inbound call centres provide this service for businesses that lack the staff or facilities to employ call center agents directly.

When outsourcing your business communications to a U.S. based or foreign inbound call centres, you have many options in services. Most inbound call centres are equipped with sophisticated computer and telephone systems staffed around the clock. You can choose when and how much coverage you require. You may need 24/7 order availability or coverage for a specified time period, such as after a television promotion. The call center company can develop a script and computer program to be used when calls are received. You can also specify data-entry points.

3. Outbound Call Centers

Outbound calls are another option when outsourcing your business communications. Many companies need extensive telemarketing efforts that they cannot hire a staff to complete. There is also often the need for customer service follow-up calls, such as those introducing a new service or a large-scale recall. Professional call centres are also experienced in the various laws governing telemarketing and telecommunications. They can develop a legally compliant script and contact customers at appropriate times on appropriate numbers.

4. Accounts receivable Outsourcing

Collection agencies employ large numbers of call center agents to collect on unpaid bills. Many companies prefer to let a professional agency handle delinquent accounts, both to save their staff time and because they want to avoid any legal issues, especially if they are unfamiliar with many of the laws regarding bill collection. Companies also often sell debt to collection agencies at a discount, allowing them to gain the revenue right away, even if the debt is never ultimately paid.

5 Reasons for Using Food Delivery Bags

How can you keep the food that your fast food joint sells hot and fresh? That is surely a top need in your business. But there’s no better way of realizing this need other than using food delivery bags. If you offer pizza, use the most efficient pizza delivery bags. There are several reasons many eateries and fast food joints in Canada are turning to food delivery and pizza bags. Read on for these reasons.

1. Keep Food Hot

Do you think your customers can be happy if they get cold food when they come to your restaurant? Most of them would actually prefer to forego the meal. Food usually begins to start getting cold immediately it’s removed off the cooker. But you can solve this by using insulated food delivery bags. This way, you can keep it hot and fresh until it reaches your customers. The food carriers can hold a lot of food and keep the whole of it in perfect condition.

2. Improve Hygiene

Canadians know the benefits of eating hygienic foods. They also know the risks of eating unhygienic foods. Restaurants in the country appreciate this habit and use hygiene as a major marketing trait. It surely pays to have clean food delivery and pizza bags. These bags cover the food and ensure it remains clean.

3. Guarantee Higher Quality

There are many shapes and designs of food delivery bags. These bags also come in different qualities. Low-quality delivery bags are available in every part of the country at significantly cheaper rates. Naturally, high-quality bags are also available but at a little bit higher cost. However, they offer lots of benefits that are truly appealing to customers. The cost of acquiring them is obviously higher, but the cost is quite small compared to the advantages they bring.

4. Ensure Delivery of Multiple Orders

When you don’t have delivery bags, you obviously cannot deliver multiple orders at a time. If you are serving many customers, this can be extremely expensive. What’s more, it would be irritatingly slow for your customers who don’t want to waste even a minute waiting to be served. With good delivery and pizza bags, you can serve a larger pool of customers and ultimately turn in higher profits.

5. Improve Customer Experience

Many Canadians rely heavily on food delivery systems. It’s easier to win a significant share of this market by delivering what it demands. Delivery bags help to save the customers’ time and play a major role in arousing their appetite as soon as they receive their orders. The bags can also be used as advertising mediums. This is especially possible when the bags bear brand names.

Delivery bags guarantee greater efficiency and better quality. If you want to succeed in the food industry, these are some of the reasons you should consider using the bags. Visit the Covertex Corporation website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

How to Get an Ideal Custom Mascot for any Event

Mascot costumes are popular with sports teams, businesses, and schools. Mascot performers run around the event area energizing the crowd in social occasions while organizations use custom costumes to market their brand. Therefore, a mascot costume should attract attention, allow proper movement, and be of a high quality to withstand wear and tear. The life of a mascot costume ranges between 3-10 years depending on the frequency of use.

1. Pre-made Versus Custom Mascot Costumes

The costumes are either generic or custom-made ones. Pre-made costumes are available in most online and physical stores at a favorable price. The custom mascot costumes, on the other hand, are popular with the businesses that want to incorporate their logo and brand on the design. They also come at a higher price than the pre-designed ones. However, the custom costumes offer proper visibility, quality, and fit, which may be lacking in the pre-made ones. The person looking forward to getting the custom mascot costume should copyright his design to avoid future replications.

2. Material making up a Mascot

The material making up the mascot costume should be porous and very breathable. Foam and lightweight fabric, which include fleece-faux leather, polyester/cotton, bur-fab and high-quality spandex are the commonly used materials in manufacture. Avoid mascots made of fiberglass of upholstery foam since they tend to retain a lot of moisture.

3. Acquiring a Mascot Costume

So many online shops offer mascot-shipping services to USA and Canada. The price of a high-quality mascot ranges from $3,500-$12,000. Additionally, the costume may need some adjustments or repair, which requires more capital to ship it back. You should consider buying a cold kit to prolong the life of the mascot as well as protect it from getting a bad smell. Some of the things that you should consider while acquiring a mascot include:

• The quality- it should withstand the continued wear and tear subjected to it during the active activity

• Material- a porous, sturdy, and sweat resistant material serves is the perfect material of a mascot.

• The frequency of wear- some activities like corporate events occurs occasionally. Therefore, it would be easier to rent a mascot rather than buy. You may consider buying a mascot for the events that call for the frequent use of the costume.

• The fit- the mascot should allow smooth movement in a crowd. Do not get a smaller costume that does not fit or a big one where even the feet are loose.


The bottom line is that a mascot costume determines the success of a performer. You should keep the costume dry and clean as much as possible. Avoid using harsh detergents, washers with agitators in the middle or dryers while cleaning the costume to prolong its life. Learn more information at the Loonie Times website.

4 reasons you should switch to flexographic printing

If you are in the printing business or your business does heavy printing, you should consider flexography. This is a modern way of printing that is done using flexcart or flexstand technology. Flexography also provides superior flex storage solutions. Here are 4 reasons you should consider making the switch. The Flex Essentials is a useful source for more information and insights.

1. A wider range of print materials

Technology today affords improved methods in printing. Flexography has many advantages over many other printing methods. The most notable ones are when it comes to flexible plastics, disposable containers, metallic films, candy wrappers, rigged milk cartons, cellophane and adhesive labels. As is evident, flexography gives you more options over what you can print on. When selecting a printing method, your aim is to find a technique that offers high safety levels, secure storage, and cleaning requirements. This, in essence, is what flexographic printing provides.

2. No need for re-calculations and adjustments during the printing process

Flexography makes use of pre-established inking. This eliminates the need for re-calculations and adjustments while in the middle of the task. Traditional printing methods have problems when it comes to ink distribution. This can easily damage the print and cost you more. You may need to start the process all over again. Flexographic printing allows you to exact ink control. This is done using blade technology or a fountain roll system. The roller system works by using ink cups or grooves. Blade technology is more precise because it incorporates volume displacement and geometry. This method in blade technology is used to determine the quantity of ink necessary to fill the plate. The result is a smudge-free print.

3. Flexography allows for solid color printing

The ink control systems is one of the top benefits of flexography. This is because of the capability to produce solid colors for both non-porous and porous substrates. In traditional and other printing techniques, several layers of ink have to be used so as to generate color richness and proper saturation. Solid color printing is made possible in flexography because the ink dries quickly. The ink also cures after a short period of time.

4. Capability to print continuous patterns

One of the difficulties with most printing technologies is the ability to reproduce images on labels, cardboard, and text. This becomes even more challenging when you need to produce a constant pattern. A consistent pattern is particularly important in gift-wrapping, wallpaper and cellophane printing. These printouts all require an unbroken design. With flexographic printing, the ink control technique allows for multiple printouts of the same design. This is done in consistency to the original pattern.

There is more to gain from flexographic printing. Consistent and superior quality print outs can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Mascot Costume

You may not realize it, but mascot costumes are actually in high demand in this day and age. Custom mascot costumes can be used in a number of settings, including elementary schools, middle schools and high schools and college and university campuses. Furthermore, many organizations, businesses and companies use mascots to advertise their own services or products, and they are often used in the entertainment business as well.

If you are looking for a mascot costume for any of the above reasons or any others, the following is a guide to help you make the best decision on a new costume.

Look for quality if you expect it to last.

To be sure, a more expensive mascot costume is going to cost more, but if you plan on keeping the costume for a long time, this is something that you’ll need to take into consideration. For example, if you are buying a new costume for your school’s mascot, you’ll want it to last for years to come, so you’ll want to spend more on this important purchase.

Make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible.

One thing that many people fail to remember when they are shopping for a new mascot costume is that someone will need to wear it. In many cases, these costumes are not extremely comfortable, but some of them have more amenities and comfort features than others. For example, if you think that someone will be wearing the costume that you are purchasing in the summer or in hot weather, you’ll want to get a costume that has a fan installed inside and lots of aeration holes.

Know how to care for your costume.

You’ll also need to know how to care for your costume. Most of the time, specific instructions on this matter will come with your costume from the manufacturer, and it is important that you follow these.

Naturally, you can’t just throw the costume into the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned, so a professional soap and scrubber might need to be purchased, and the process of cleaning the costume might take quite a while. On the other hand, the instructions from the manufacturer may advise you to take your costume to a professional cleaner for washing.

Finally, remember that mascot costumes are not just for schools, universities, businesses and organizations. You can find inexpensive mascot costumes to use at your child’s birthday party, to celebrate a special occasion or just for fun.

Many people purchase them for Halloween parties as well. Mascot costumes are available in children sizes, young adult sizes and adult sizes. You can find them online or at special mascot costume stores or party stores. There are additional resources at Loonie Times, which may help you learn more information.

What to Consider when Purchasing Laser Printers

Over the years, the cost of getting laser printers has reduced dramatically. These printers can be used for personal use or even in an office. They offer the fastest speeds, best quality text prints, and economical prints per-page basis.

What should you consider before buying a laser printer?

Paper handling

Most printers will handle up to A4 paper size. You need to look for a particular model if you would like to print A3-sized documents. Other things like heavier paper or envelopes can be printed in case the printer comes with a multi-purpose tray. Make sure you check the specifications of the printer to know the paper weight it can handle and the quantity of envelopes you can load.

If you are getting a printer for office use make sure you opt for a printer with a tray that can handle many paper sheets (at least 250). You may also consider looking for a printer that can automatically print on all sides of the page and also scan multi-page documents using an ADF (automatic document feeder)

Color or monochrome

What are your basic needs? Consider the type of documents you will print to decide the type of printer you need. If you want to print things like invoices or any other kind of monochrome documents, consider a monochrome laser printer. Opt for a colour laser printer if you have to print colored documents regularly.

Ease of installation and size

Your environment will determine the size of the printer you need. Also, ensure that it’s easy to load papers and install toner cartridges.


Even though USB connectivity is standard on all printers, you need a different type of connectivity-Ethernet- for an office environment. You can plug the printer in the network router and then share it with all the workers. A driver for your printer must be installed on the computers that will need access.

You can also look for a wireless laser printer if you wish to set it up on a wireless network. Ensure that the wireless printer supports, not only computers, but also mobile devices like Android, Windows and Apple phones.

Many printers nowadays will also support printing from Cloud services. Ensure you check the services supported by the printer because that will make it easy for you to print from online services like Dropbox, Google Docs, OneDrive, etc., without going through a mobile device or computer.

Easy to use

Now that you are used to using touchscreen laptops, phones, or even tablets, why not opt for a printer with a touchscreen? The touchscreen makes it easy for the user to navigate the menu system, more so if it contains built-in access applications that require you to fill in login details. The West X Business Solutions website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.

When to Use Event Rental Services for a Corporate Affair

Party rentals are most commonly used when planning a wedding, a large birthday party or other similar types of special events. You may not think about using them when planning corporate events, such as holiday office parties and other similar affairs. However, party rentals are useful for all occasions that bring together a group of people, and this includes corporate events. You can easily fill the need for a handful of items or dozens of items or more when you work with the right party rental service. If you are planning an event for your office, you may consider using rental services in some of these prime situations.

Your Event is Located Off-Site

From holiday parties to business galas, team building events and more, there are many reasons why some or all of your team may gather in an off-site location periodically. Rental service can be used to provide you with chairs and tables for seating, dining and entertainment as well as stages, microphones and sound systems, cooking and food prep items and much more. This allows you to set the stage for the event regardless of where you host your special gathering. You do not have to struggle with the planning efforts for your special events when you hire the right rental service to assist you.

Your Event Will Be Outdoors

Just as your off-site location may not have all of the equipment and supplies needed to host a special event, the same holds true if your event will be held outdoors. This includes outdoor events held on your corporate grounds. Everything from party tents to fans, space heaters and more can be used to help you control the climate and to ensure your guests have a great time. Tables, chairs, sound systems and more can be used to further enhance your guests’ experience and to create an ideal environment.

You Have Special Equipment Needs

Whether your event is hosted off-site or in your own facility, you may have special equipment needs. This may include a stage, a dance floor, a sound system, lighting features, a podium and other related features. Such items can make or break the event that you are hosting, and these items can easily be rented to fulfill a special need that you have.

Whether your special events planned for the near future will have a dozen guests, several hundred guests or somewhere in between, you understandably want the event to be executed with flawless results. By planning ahead, you can cover all bases to ensure your guests have a great experience. Consider using party rental services to pull together all of your planning efforts cohesively. Please visit the Hart Entertainment website for more information.

Some Windows 8 Updates Are Still Being Released

Canadian users of the Windows 8 operating system may still see sporadic updates issued by Microsoft in 2017. The Seattle tech giant has been resolute in its efforts to force Windows 7 and 8 users into upgrading to Windows 10 to take advantage of all the new features, but it seems as if there is still life left in these old operating systems.

In late 2016, users of computers powered by Windows 7 and 8 were surprised to see updates that they were not expecting due to Microsoft’s end-of-support announcement in January. To a certain extent, the OS developer is enacting the same policy applied to Windows XP users a few years ago; even after cutting out support to the legacy OS, more computers are running XP than Windows 8 these days.

Failed Windows Update Affects European Computers

Despite Microsoft’s end-of-life announcement, some updates and patches are still being released for Windows 7 and 8, many British customers of internet service providers BT and Plusnet found themselves being kicked off the network in early December 2016.

The problem was tracked down to an update rolled out for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The update somehow interfered with the DHCP system, which prevented DNS server settings from being downloaded from Plusnet and BT. Users could see this issue from their Network Settings menus; some were able to fix the issue by simply rebooting their routers while others were instructed by Plusnet to change their DNS and LAN IP settings to static.

The aforementioned issue was surprising for British users who have not yet transitioned to Windows 10; a couple of days later, however, other internet service providers in Europe reported similar issues. In Belgium, national provider Proximum reported that the DHCP problem affected many Windows 10 users, and once again a Windows Update appeared to be the issue.

A Grand Theft Auto Surprise

Video game enthusiasts who have Windows 8 custom rigs received an unexpected surprise from the developers of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA IV, a game that seemed to be stuck in Windows 7 machines, can now be reliably played on PCs running Windows 10, 8.1 and even Windows 8.

Although GTA IV was a best-selling title in Canada and around the world, its developers could not keep up with Microsoft’s tinkering of the Windows operating system between 2008 and 2015. Rockstar Games waited until Microsoft stabilized its OS release schedule to issue a patch that would bring the game to as many Windows PCs as possible. While GTA 5 is far more popular these days, some gamers still enjoy the online multiplayer experience of Liberty City.

How to Improve Your Flexography Business with Flex Storage Solutions

Flexography is a type of printing technology that allows users print over a broad variety of surfaces. From metallic planes, cellophane, plastic all the way to paper, there’s really not so many surfaces you can’t print on using flexography. To ensure a long-lasting functionality as well as efficiency, you need to have the best flex storage solutions at your disposal. The use of appropriate flex storage solutions such as flexcarts and flexstands is critical and cost effective for both long and short-term use. Flexible relief plates are among the tools used in flexographic printing and constitute a significant portion of the associated costs and should be properly stored to avoid damage.

Features of Modern Flex Storage Solutions

In mass production scale, flex storage solutions are customized to individual needs and vary from brand to brand. However, the largest sleeve storage racks tend to have a lot of similarities. In most cases, the storage racks are made of powder coated steel. The coating, besides protecting the steel from typical wear and tear damage that may occur during cleaning and treatment, it adds a beautiful finish to the rack. You can fit a lot of sleeves and plates in a small space without destroying the stand due to the strong nature of steel.

Safety is Key

The entire storage system should be well organized easy to use. As storage system that requires some level of technical know-how to operate will be too expensive to maintain and will consequently consume all the profits. One of the fundamental aspects of a flex storage solution is easy assembly and disassembly. Such a system will ensure the safety of the employees and minimize damage to the sleeves as it will keep them from falling to the ground.

The flex storage should be designed in a way that allows easy expansion in case the business grows instantaneously. Use high-quality material that reflects craftsmanship and ensures durability in the construction of flexcart and flexstand, preferably steel.

Mobile Flex Storage Solutions

For easier cleaning and better access, you can utilize mobile solutions. It provides mobility when moving to the designated washing area as well as other places during cleaning, treatment, and drying. Rollers and guides can be installed on flexcarts to foster smooth, frictionless movement within the facility.

If you need access to an entire batch, you can reduce overhead by transferring carts to the work area. Keep in mind that flexcarts and flexstands cannot be stacked in the same way. There might be differences in the amount of space you need to stack the same quantity of sleeves and plates. The use of Flex storage solutions will enhance productivity in your business by simplifying the process of movement, cleaning, and storage of flexographic plates. Visit the Flex Essentials website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.