What to Consider when Purchasing Laser Printers

What to Consider when Purchasing Laser Printers

Over the years, the cost of getting laser printers has reduced dramatically. These printers can be used for personal use or even in an office. They offer the fastest speeds, best quality text prints, and economical prints per-page basis.

What should you consider before buying a laser printer?

Paper handling

Most printers will handle up to A4 paper size. You need to look for a particular model if you would like to print A3-sized documents. Other things like heavier paper or envelopes can be printed in case the printer comes with a multi-purpose tray. Make sure you check the specifications of the printer to know the paper weight it can handle and the quantity of envelopes you can load.

If you are getting a printer for office use make sure you opt for a printer with a tray that can handle many paper sheets (at least 250). You may also consider looking for a printer that can automatically print on all sides of the page and also scan multi-page documents using an ADF (automatic document feeder)

Color or monochrome

What are your basic needs? Consider the type of documents you will print to decide the type of printer you need. If you want to print things like invoices or any other kind of monochrome documents, consider a monochrome laser printer. Opt for a colour laser printer if you have to print colored documents regularly.

Ease of installation and size

Your environment will determine the size of the printer you need. Also, ensure that it’s easy to load papers and install toner cartridges.


Even though USB connectivity is standard on all printers, you need a different type of connectivity-Ethernet- for an office environment. You can plug the printer in the network router and then share it with all the workers. A driver for your printer must be installed on the computers that will need access.

You can also look for a wireless laser printer if you wish to set it up on a wireless network. Ensure that the wireless printer supports, not only computers, but also mobile devices like Android, Windows and Apple phones.

Many printers nowadays will also support printing from Cloud services. Ensure you check the services supported by the printer because that will make it easy for you to print from online services like Dropbox, Google Docs, OneDrive, etc., without going through a mobile device or computer.

Easy to use

Now that you are used to using touchscreen laptops, phones, or even tablets, why not opt for a printer with a touchscreen? The touchscreen makes it easy for the user to navigate the menu system, more so if it contains built-in access applications that require you to fill in login details. The West X Business Solutions website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.