How to Get an Ideal Custom Mascot for any Event

How to Get an Ideal Custom Mascot for any Event

Mascot costumes are popular with sports teams, businesses, and schools. Mascot performers run around the event area energizing the crowd in social occasions while organizations use custom costumes to market their brand. Therefore, a mascot costume should attract attention, allow proper movement, and be of a high quality to withstand wear and tear. The life of a mascot costume ranges between 3-10 years depending on the frequency of use.

1. Pre-made Versus Custom Mascot Costumes

The costumes are either generic or custom-made ones. Pre-made costumes are available in most online and physical stores at a favorable price. The custom mascot costumes, on the other hand, are popular with the businesses that want to incorporate their logo and brand on the design. They also come at a higher price than the pre-designed ones. However, the custom costumes offer proper visibility, quality, and fit, which may be lacking in the pre-made ones. The person looking forward to getting the custom mascot costume should copyright his design to avoid future replications.

2. Material making up a Mascot

The material making up the mascot costume should be porous and very breathable. Foam and lightweight fabric, which include fleece-faux leather, polyester/cotton, bur-fab and high-quality spandex are the commonly used materials in manufacture. Avoid mascots made of fiberglass of upholstery foam since they tend to retain a lot of moisture.

3. Acquiring a Mascot Costume

So many online shops offer mascot-shipping services to USA and Canada. The price of a high-quality mascot ranges from $3,500-$12,000. Additionally, the costume may need some adjustments or repair, which requires more capital to ship it back. You should consider buying a cold kit to prolong the life of the mascot as well as protect it from getting a bad smell. Some of the things that you should consider while acquiring a mascot include:

• The quality- it should withstand the continued wear and tear subjected to it during the active activity

• Material- a porous, sturdy, and sweat resistant material serves is the perfect material of a mascot.

• The frequency of wear- some activities like corporate events occurs occasionally. Therefore, it would be easier to rent a mascot rather than buy. You may consider buying a mascot for the events that call for the frequent use of the costume.

• The fit- the mascot should allow smooth movement in a crowd. Do not get a smaller costume that does not fit or a big one where even the feet are loose.


The bottom line is that a mascot costume determines the success of a performer. You should keep the costume dry and clean as much as possible. Avoid using harsh detergents, washers with agitators in the middle or dryers while cleaning the costume to prolong its life. Learn more information at the Loonie Times website.