8 Fun Facts About Painting

8 Fun Facts About Painting

For centuries now, people have been using paint for all kinds of things and a number of ways. People could use paint to redecorate, landscape, fence, etc. The current times have had interior painting become more synonymous with weekend projects.

Even so, paint still remains a magical substance with all the information gathered about it. There is paint that helps to reduce dirt and one that builds up dirt. Paint of different kinds of textures. And paint of all kinds of colors. All this can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are looking to DIY paint your home.

You can, however, get through this maze of unlimited paint options by reading this article. Here are some fun facts about paint you may not know yet.

1. Unused paint

About 10% of all the bought paint in America is eventually thrown out. Most of this thrown out paint is for residential projects. Which makes you wonder; why throw out 60,000,000 gallons of paint? Imagine that amount going down the drain.

2. The red door

Throughout history, you find that a red door has always symbolized something. It can symbolize a safe place for travelers, a stop for the night, or even when one has a fully paid mortgage. It does not have anyone specific symbol. Some take a red door to be a sign of ‘keep out’ and ‘danger.’ But in the current world, it could only just even be a red door. A door that is painted red to be more literal.

3. Milk Paint

The oldest house paints were made of milk mixed with lime and sometimes natural pigments. Take King Tut’s tomb, for example, which was painted using milk paint. You may not know this yet, but even the White House’s original paint was a lime-based whitewash.

4. The Greek Philosopher Plato discovery

Before the Greek philosopher Plato, people had not yet realized that you could mix two different colors of paint together and get an entirely different color.

5. The first paint roller inventor

The first paint roller was invented by Canadian Norman Breakey in 1940. He, however, never profited from it as never patented it. Then, during the second world war, another inventor who was working for Sherwin-Williams created another roller.

6. The shady green color in commercial paint

When you take a closer look at most of the commercially available paint, there tends to be more of a shady green color than any other color. This is because the human eye distinguishes more variations of green compared to any other color. The other colors are also present in the paint. Plus, our eyes do not perceive them as much as they do the shades of green in the paint.

7. The first ever painter’s union

The first official painter’s union was formed in 1502 in London. And it was named the Worshipful Company of Painters-Stainers.

8. House painter’s history

Before, artists and house painters alike were expected to use a mortar and pestle to grind their own pigments. This could be the main reason why there was a time back then when only the well-off people in America would have had painted houses.