Looking for a cheap and easy way to display your earrings? Create a DIY Earring Display for only $3.00!

I’d been looking for a quick way to display my earrings for a while when I came up with the idea for my own DIY earring display using only three cheap materials – all from the dollar store. Total cost? Around $3.00

What I used: 

  • 8×10 picture frame, glass removed
  • One placemat (perforated)
  • 1 sheet of foam
  • Removable mounting squares (that hold 1lb or more), for hanging
  • Instructions:

    First I popped the glass out of the frame and ripped the picture stand off of the back so that I would be able to hang it on the door in my linen closet. Then I trimmed a piece of foam padding to fit the size of the frame, doing the same with the placemat.

    I put the trimmed place mat into the (face down) frame, then added the trimmed foam on top. then I closed the frame up with the backing it came with. Using removable mounting squares, I hung it to the inside of my linen closet door (make sure they hold more than a pound for extra strength!)

    The earrings fit perfectly in the perforated placemat’s holes – and the foam sheet behind it adds extra hold for the earrings (they pierce right through the fabric). Voila – my own DIY earring display! Quick, simple, cheap – and a great way to display all of my earrings for easy access/outfit matching. I also added four bamboo hooks (also from the dollar store!) underneath the earring display to hang my necklaces and bracelets.

  • Have you made YOUR own DIY earring display? I’d love to see it! Link up in the comments below

    * this post was previously posted on my old blog, my so-called {organized} life, but has been repurposed and remains the property of myself and Living YOUR Creative.