Organize your business cards with this colourful and cheap DIY Business Card Holder, inspired by I Heart Organizing!

Melyssa, who did an amazing job at designing my blog, has recently fully launched into her gig as a full-time graphic designer and blogger. So as a token of my appreciation for all of her hard work, I sent her a ‘small biz survival kit’, full of all things she’ll need as she starts off on this new journey of self-employment. Included in this kit was a DIY business card holder I made her so that she could organize all of her contacts – and I wanted to share that with you today!

What I used:

  • Small wooden box, from the dollar store
  • Purple paint
  • Washi tape
  • Sponge brush
  • White cardstock paper
  • Scrapbooking Paper, from Michaels
  • Alphabet stamp kit, from Michaels
  • Black ink
  • Scissors

The first step was to paint the box purple, both inside and out – it took a few coats. Then I started adding a few strips of washi tape for some pop – but I got a tad bit washi tape happy and ended up wrapping the entireoutside of the box in it. I kept the inside purple though!

Then I determined what kind of ‘categories’ I was going to include. Given that Melyssa has two businesses (soon to be THREE!), I split them up into the following categories: clients, sponsors, bloggers, potential clients, friends and miscellaneous. For the dividers I measured six pieces of white cardstock paper to fit the length (and height!) of the box, then layered different coloured scrapbooking paper over the cardstock, leaving a white strip at the top for labelling. Using my alphabet stamps and black ink, I labelled each divider, outlining each with the black ink.

Then, with my cheesy (yet adorable) sense of humor, I labelled the box ‘taking care of business’ …

… and if you didn’t quite get the ‘cheesy (yet adorable) sense of humour’ part – I then labelled the inside, ‘every day’. Still confused? This will help.

For those of you who continued to read this post after that embarrassing display of, well, me – thanks! Here’s what the dividers look like inside the box:

And there you have it folks, a DIY Business Card holder. Simple. Colourful. Corny.