6 Ways To Quell Office Drama

6 Ways To Quell Office Drama

It is a rather unsettling feeling having office squabbles and dramas erupt. Work is a place for being productive and getting task handled. But when co-workers don’t get along and when bosses have very little understanding of behavioral assessment it can be a challenging ordeal to get a team to work…like a team. 

It is important to understand the predictive index and how it can help not only to bring out the best in your individual workers but the overall work environment.

So if you are looking to create a stronger team and quell office dramas then here are six ways in which you can do that. The office should be a place to be productive not for soapbox dramas and with these six ways you will find that office dramas will no longer be a threat to the production of your workday.  

6 Ways To Quell Office Drama

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# 1 – Negative Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated 

As the boss, you must implement rules and carry them out. Perhaps one of the best rules that you may want to implement on day one is this idea of not accepting the negative behavior. Employees should not come to work fearing that they will “upset such and such.” 

By simply not allowing any drama kings or queens you can instantly squash any office dramas before they even start. You don’t want your employees to fear you or one another, and it is for this reason that you want to take a strong hand with this particular rule. 

# 2 – Reward Milestones 

In rewarding your employees for reaching certain milestones, they will focus much more on trying to get to that next milestone instead of arguing and bickering among one another. Instead of focusing on how they can sabotage one another – they will focus more on helping one another and the build better camaraderie with each other. 

# 3 – Spot Potential Toxic Workers

Piggybacking off of the second entry it would prove most valuable to be vigilant with your workers. Unfortunately, there are such people out there whose only desire is to cause harm to other people. 

And as a result, there will inevitably be people who will want to sabotage others instead of helping others, and by understanding this and knowing this you will be able to keep this in the back of your mind and if need be remove those people from the office place. 

# 4 – Be The Model For Your Team 

The team you lead will ultimately follow your lead. If you take charge in trying to keep a positive and productive environment – as a result of your action your workers will follow suit. 

# 5 – Have Group Meetings

This doesn’t have to be a soap drama stint, but it can be a great time to inspire your team once again about the businesses’ goal and the mission that you are trying to accomplish. By gathering them together and talking about the mission as well as complimenting each of them on their work you will create more harmony in the group as well as build up their self-esteem. 

# 6 – Show Gratitude 

Showing gratitude for your workers, each of them, and explaining how they are valuable will help them to be much more loyal. There was a research case in which people were asked if they would rather have a higher bonus pay or simply be told: “thank you and they were valued”. 

Do you know what the majority chose? The latter. 

Show you’re workers they are valued, and they will focus more on the mission then office drama.