6 Creative Retail Shelving Ideas for Store Displays

6 Creative Retail Shelving Ideas for Store Displays

Running a small business can be an extremely worthwhile endeavour. As the adage goes, the world is your oyster, which is certainly the case for how you operate a company. This sentiment is amplified tenfold for those who want to get into retail. From taking stock of your inventory to speaking with customers, it can be as fun as it can be challenging.

One of the most challenging aspects of retail business is drawing said customers in. These individuals can be picky with what inventory they look at once they set foot in your store. However, there are multiple tricks and tips that you can use to enhance your product’s appeal. Designing your retail shelves creatively is one technique that can boost business.

Check out these six creative retail shelving ideas for store displays:

Idea #1: Minimalist Retail Shelving

The look of multiple clothing items all in one place produces a somewhat murky image on the eyes. Unless customers know exactly what they are looking for, they will most likely avoid looking at this shelf. To properly enhance your shelves here, try as few items as possible.

It might seem counterproductive, especially in the beginning. However, using the less is more approach can draw in more customers than you realize. The appearance of fewer apparel items on a store rack, for example, can lead to customers inspecting what is there. Check out the various retail shelving options from ACME Shelving and see what works!

Idea #2: Interactive Retail Shelving

As mentioned previously, retail shelves should not be seen as monotonous and boring. Instead, they should be thought of as creatively as possible, activating a customer’s five senses. One of those senses that should be emphasized in your retail company is the sense of touch. As a result, place your products in a way that allows customers to interact with them.

Many sports retail companies already do this, and out of necessity. For example, sneakers of different stripes are put on display so that a customer can interact with them. If need be, you can also take your products out of their box and display them as is. By doing this, you encourage customers to look at them more closely.

Idea #3: Portable Retail Shelving

Store shelves are displayed in one static spot in your store. Creatively speaking, this might not be in your best interest, as customers are always on the move. As a result, why not make your retail shelves portable and mobile?

This helps a ton in making your merchandise much more focused. To begin with, many business owners have limited space, so this direction may be your best bet. Plus, you will be able to highlight all of your items as efficiently as possible!

Idea #4: External Décor

Another exciting way to boost the appearance of your retail shelves is to think of their surroundings. Shelves do not have to be left as is; you can use décor to build around them. Not only does this make things look much better, but you can transform the shelves into a more cohesive experience.

Many independent retail shops position plants in and around their store to breathe life into the room. The sight of greenery, when coupled with a minimalistic shelf approach, is a sight to behold. Plus, it provides customers with a storefront that is creatively designed in all respects!

Idea #5: Cross-Merchandising

While it may seem in your best interest to place certain products separate from each other, think outside the box here. Your retail shelves can benefit tenfold from mixing and matching your inventory. Experiment with cross-merchandising in your retail store, and look at what can be paired accordingly.

You’d be surprised how efficient and creative your retail shelves can look when going this route. An unseen benefit of this is encouraging customers to discover; peering in may allow them to find what they are looking for! Once you go ahead with this creative direction, you may never look back.

Idea #6: Lighting

It might seem arbitrary, but having the right lighting is especially important. Not only do you want your store to be well-lit, but the shelves themselves should be illuminated as well. If a customer cannot see what they are looking for, you won’t make a proper sale. Therefore, think of ways in which you can artistically brighten the area.

Overhead lighting can certainly work in multiple ways, depending on what creative direction you are going for. It shines a bright beam of light on your displayed products so that customers can take a closer look. Or accent lighting can shine the light on individual items as well. No matter what you go with, don’t forget the power of illumination!