5 Safety Tips for Your Custom Mascot

5 Safety Tips for Your Custom Mascot

Acting as custom mascots can be one of the rewarding experiences full of fun. However, it can also pose a great challenge and a tiring experience that puts you or the performer at a risk that ranges from heart exhaustion and heat injuries. However, you can protect your performer to give them an experience in the mascot costumes using the following basic safety precautions.

1. Make smart costume designs
Before you engage in purchasing a mascot costume, ensure you take your time to get the best design to suit your preferences. For this reason, it is imperative that you avoid using excess material as well as a long tail which can be difficult to perform or cause serious hazards to the performer and the audience. When designing the custom mascot, ensure you avoid interior pieces that leads to injuries on the part of the performer or make them fall.

2. Perform with an escort
You might have noticed, as a mascot performer, that these costumes have significant restricted mobility and vision. This impairment can make the simplest task such as climbing stairs or walk near traffic impaired. You must be accompanied by a guide to avoid such fatal impairments that can cause avoidable accidents. The escort can also act as the voice of the character. For this reason, they will verbally respond to the gestures implied by the character of the people.
3. Practice before scheduling a performance
Before the event is organized, ensure you run a routine performance test so that you are conversant with the moves to make to the audience during the session. You will also have enough time to rehearse the various moves to make during the session like walking on stairs. You can also rehearse the various signals to communicate to your escort ahead of time.

4. Avoid overheating
Including features such as a cooling vest or fan inside your costume will help you stay cooler during the performance. However, ensure the cooling equipment does not add to much weight. Performers can also wear loose-fitting, light clothes during this session. During this session, you must avoid the use of trousers, sweatpants, or the long-sleeved shirts. Your escort must look for signs that you are uncomfortable.
take a break
5. Take regular breaks
While you are in the costume as a performer, ensure you never spend more than a one-hour performance period. A 15to 20-minute break after every 30 minutes to one hour is important. You can also increase break lengths and performance during the hot season. During the break times, ensure you take plenty of water because you are prone to plenty of sweating.

Designing your custom mascot with Hogtown Mascots is the best way to stay comfortable during the performance. Moreover, always keep the custom mascot clean for a superior level of comfort.