4 Great Functions to Outsource to a Call Center

4 Great Functions to Outsource to a Call Center

Answering phones, inbound and outbound call campaigns, and collections are all time consuming and expensive tasks most businesses must perform. The problem is they can monopolize staff time and distract employees from more profitable tasks. Businesses can save big money by outsourcing these responsibilities to professional call centres.

1. Answering Service

When simply taking a message and answering very limited questions are sufficient, an answering service is a good option in order to keep costs low while providing a professional company image. The worst thing for a small business is for customers to reach voicemail. The often don’t leave messages, which can cost a company vital sales revenues. When potential customers reach a live operator, they are more likely to give their information and view their request as having been placed in motion. Answering services are also great for businesses where customers call at odd hours on an emergency basis, such as plumbing contractors, apartment management companies, or medical offices.¬†Find more online information and resources at the Extend Communications website.

2. Inbound Call Services

Some companies need more than a service to take a message. They need the operator to take orders or provide other services on behalf of the caller. Many inbound call centres provide this service for businesses that lack the staff or facilities to employ call center agents directly.

When outsourcing your business communications to a U.S. based or foreign inbound call centres, you have many options in services. Most inbound call centres are equipped with sophisticated computer and telephone systems staffed around the clock. You can choose when and how much coverage you require. You may need 24/7 order availability or coverage for a specified time period, such as after a television promotion. The call center company can develop a script and computer program to be used when calls are received. You can also specify data-entry points.

3. Outbound Call Centers

Outbound calls are another option when outsourcing your business communications. Many companies need extensive telemarketing efforts that they cannot hire a staff to complete. There is also often the need for customer service follow-up calls, such as those introducing a new service or a large-scale recall. Professional call centres are also experienced in the various laws governing telemarketing and telecommunications. They can develop a legally compliant script and contact customers at appropriate times on appropriate numbers.

4. Accounts receivable Outsourcing

Collection agencies employ large numbers of call center agents to collect on unpaid bills. Many companies prefer to let a professional agency handle delinquent accounts, both to save their staff time and because they want to avoid any legal issues, especially if they are unfamiliar with many of the laws regarding bill collection. Companies also often sell debt to collection agencies at a discount, allowing them to gain the revenue right away, even if the debt is never ultimately paid.