7 Creative Packaging Design Inspiration Ideas

Do you want to make your packaging more memorable? Visual appeal draws customers in, and you can have an incredible product, but if your packaging is boring, you may not keep your customers’ interest. It’s important to make a first impression, so why not add some flare to your packaging? Your imagination only limits packaging design. Look to successful brands […]

6 Creative Retail Shelving Ideas for Store Displays

Running a small business can be an extremely worthwhile endeavour. As the adage goes, the world is your oyster, which is certainly the case for how you operate a company. This sentiment is amplified tenfold for those who want to get into retail. From taking stock of your inventory to speaking with customers, it can be as fun as it […]

5 Beginners Tips for Education Savings Plan

There are several factors you need to consider when you apply for a registered education savings plan. This will not be like your typical normal savings. The primary objective should be to make sure you only go for the best education savings plan that covers all your education fields. And to manage that, there are a couple of things to […]

The 7 Tricks to Having A Successful Business Implementation Process

We all always want everything we do to be a success. And that goes, especially for our businesses. But sometimes that usually isn’t the case. Experienced business implementation consultants observe that the main reason behind that is that we get things done wrong and fail to take note of the important business processes and channels to follow and implement. It […]

8 Essential Skills for an Elite Corporate Events Planner

In the event management business, you need to have a particular set of skills. You must ensure that you pick the best party rentals and events venues and your work is as professional as it can be. Some of these skills are learned over a long career period while others are easy to master and develop. This article has summed […]

8 Fun Facts About Painting

For centuries now, people have been using paint for all kinds of things and a number of ways. People could use paint to redecorate, landscape, fence, etc. The current times have had interior painting become more synonymous with weekend projects. Even so, paint still remains a magical substance with all the information gathered about it. There is paint that helps […]

6 Amazing Wedding Party Events

The “Big Day” has finally come for those two lovebirds. Planning a wedding party can be a difficult task in of itself. You want a wedding party that will be memorable and something that can epitomize the love that you feel for one another. It can be frustrating making so many plans and preparations, and it is for this reason […]

6 Ways To Quell Office Drama

It is a rather unsettling feeling having office squabbles and dramas erupt. Work is a place for being productive and getting task handled. But when co-workers don’t get along and when bosses have very little understanding of behavioral assessment it can be a challenging ordeal to get a team to work…like a team.

It is important to understand the predictive index and how it can help not only to bring out the best in your individual workers but the overall work environment.

5 Safety Tips for Your Custom Mascot

Acting as custom mascots can be one of the rewarding experiences full of fun. However, it can also pose a great challenge and a tiring experience that puts you or the performer at a risk that ranges from heart exhaustion and heat injuries. However, you can protect your performer to give them an experience in the mascot costumes using the following basic safety precautions.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Product Packaging Is Up To Standard

If you have ever done much reading on marketing and branding, you know that consumers are going to make decisions based on repeated interactions with a brand. That being said, you might not have stopped to think about how your packaging represents your brand. Your packaging supplies can reflect the colors of your brand (which you use on the website and in company logos, T-shirts, and publications) and the quality/level of service that you provide to customers. Packaging actually suggests much more about your company, and you cannot afford to leave these impressions to chance.

4 Great Functions to Outsource to a Call Center

Answering phones, inbound and outbound call campaigns, and collections are all time consuming and expensive tasks most businesses must perform. The problem is they can monopolize staff time and distract employees from more profitable tasks. Businesses can save big money by outsourcing these responsibilities to professional call centre.

5 Reasons for Using Food Delivery Bags

How can you keep the food that your fast food joint sells hot and fresh? That is surely a top need in your business. But there’s no better way of realizing this need other than using food delivery bags. If you offer pizza, use the most efficient pizza delivery bags. There are several reasons many eateries and fast food joints in Canada are turning to food delivery and pizza bags. Read on for these reasons.

How to Get an Ideal Custom Mascot for any Event

Loonie Times mascot costumes are popular with sports teams, businesses, and schools. Mascot performers run around the event area energizing the crowd in social occasions while organizations use custom costumes to market their brand. Therefore, a mascot costume should attract attention, allow proper movement, and be of a high quality to withstand wear and tear. The life of a mascot costume ranges between 3-10 years depending on the frequency of use.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Mascot Costume

You may not realize it, but mascot costumes are actually in high demand in this day and age. Custom mascot costumes can be used in a number of settings, including elementary schools, middle schools and high schools and college and university campuses. Furthermore, many organizations, businesses and companies use mascots to advertise their own services or products, and they are often used in the entertainment business as well.