The great Marketing Guru, Branton Inglez, once said “An organization’s marketing is based on great designs, which leads to smart business decisions”. This quote holds true for all great businesses in North America – Apple has beautiful designs and that is why they have been able to stay on top of the technology industry for over a decade. Nike has always stayed ahead of the curve with their designs, and their market share is at an all time high. Business marketing is all about designing brands that are memorable and innovative.

The premise of this blog is to discuss business marketing concepts and the role that design plays in it. A little bit about myself, I am first and foremost a business marketing professional. I have been in the industry for well over two decades now. I have a keen eye for design and have incorporated this into my marketing practices. It is important to always evolve in your role, something I have been able to do over the years, and one reason why I have been able to reap the successes that I have earned.

In this blog, I will provide helpful articles with tips on business marketing as it pertains to design. I adore “Do It Yourself” projects, so that is something that I will post often. Follow my blog and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!